21 Top Experts Share Their Strategies To Stabilize Blood Sugars, Master Living With T2D, And Achieve YOUR Health Goals

Without The Years Of Trial And Error, Effort, And Mistakes They Experienced!

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3 Day Online Summit
June 29th - July 1st, 2021

The ONLY Summit Exclusively for Women that struggle with T2D who want to get the top-tier education on how to manage their blood sugars, learn the best strategies to keep them in check, and live well at the same time!


Discover Your Fast Track To YOUR Health Goals

Fast Track To Your Success

In our Speaker Interviews, over 3 days you’ll discover tips and tricks that will slice off years of Trial and Error, from both people just like you who are living well with T2D, people who have had great success with their blood sugars, and Get answers from the best educators, physicians, dietitians, fitness pros, chefs, and more, all in one place.

Blueprints and Step-By-Step Strategies 

Discover Easy, Simple, Proven Strategies being used by 20+ leading figures in the T2D world as they share their hard-won resources with you. Take their techniques and skills and use them to improve your diabetes management immediately from the comfort of your own home.

Learn From The Experts

T2D is tough to figure out - there’s SO much to think about and do! Cut through the noise and get all the information you need in one place, from the Top Voices In The Industry, over three thrilling and content-packed days. Save yourself Time, Stress, Money, and Energy and get some of the best guidance available!

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In...


Want to know who's speaking on Day 1?

Meet the DAY #1: Speakers

Get Ready for a motivational boost to jumpstart your T2D management and build your foundation of understanding with these Awesome Day 1 Speakers.

Dr. Susan Guzman
 Diabetes Burnout: Going From Discouraged To Encouraged

Max Szadek
 Unlocking the Divabetic Within: How To Become Empowered To Make Health Changes

Dan Turner
The Diabetes Army Way: Find Motivation To Master Your Diabetes

Ginger Vieira
 Emotional Eating With T2D: How To Build A Positive Relationship With Food

Denise Pancyrz
 To A1c Or Not To A1c: How To Measure The Root Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes

Jose Tejero
Insulin Resistance: Exploring The Root Cause Of T2D 

Kelly Close
Diabetes From 30,000 Feet Up: A High-Level Look, And What It Means For Us

Jennifer Okemah
Successful Diabetes Management Is More Than Just Counting Carbs

Kelly Close
Diabetes From 30,000 Feet Up: A High-Level Look, And What It Means For Us


Want to know who's speaking on Day 2?

Meet the DAY #2: Speakers

Learn how to build a positive support system of family, friends, fellow people with diabetes, and physicians/caretakers - then learn how to get your body moving with these Incredible Day 2 Speakers.

Dr. Steven Edelman
 How To Master Communication With Your Doctor

Taylor Daniele
Navigating T2D As A Millennial

T'ara Smith
Stigmas and Myths About T2D, and How Community Support Can Help You Overcome Them

Dr. Steven Edelman
 How To Master Communication With Your Doctor

Taylor Turner

T’ara Smith
Stigmas and Myths About T2D, and How Community Support Can Help You Overcome Them

Constance Brown-Riggs
Progress Not Perfection: Living Well With Diabetes

Charlie O’Connell
Couch To 7.0: How Anyone Can Use Exercise To Reach Their Glucose Goals

Rachel Zinman
Yoga For Diabetes: How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda

Hope Warshaw
Restaurant Masterclass: Top Tips For Healthy Eating (Dine In & Take Out)


Want to know who's speaking on Day 3?

Meet the DAY #3: Speakers

Everything you need to know about food - how different foods affect blood sugars, and the intricacies in between, and top cooking tips with our stacked lineup of Day 3 Speakers.

Davis Knight
Being Your Own Advocate One Meal At A Time

Diana Licalzi
How Eating Plants Targets The Root Cause Of T2D

Timaree Hagenburger
Love The Food That Loves You Back

Cheryl Farley
Eat To Beat Diabetes

Shelby Kinnaird
How Cooking At Home Can Be The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done For Your Diabetes Management

Dr. Beverly Yates
Natural Therapies For T2D: Taking A Holistic Approach To Your Care

Chef Robert Lewis
Taste For Life: Cooking Tips With A Dash Of Motivation

Chef Robert Lewis
Taste For Life: Cooking Tips With A Dash Of Motivation

Robin Withrow-Wong


3 days packed with Inspiration, Education, And Living Well

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered... 

How can I live as well as possible with Type 2 Diabetes?

What are the best ways to stop my blood sugars from rising?

My World Came Tumbling Down

Well, in February 2010, after decades of living an active lifestyle and eating healthy, my husband and I had one of the biggest shocks of our lives…

The doctor told my husband he had Type 2 Diabetes.

In just one day, our lives changed forever, and everything I thought I knew about how to take care of our health suddenly went out the window.

Just like that, his bright future of aging gracefully and being an energetic, active participant in his grandkids lives was placed in jeopardy.

I went from proud and competent caretaker of my family… to feeling like a failure.

I felt guilty, like I let my family down.

I also felt confused, like “how did this happen to us?”

And I had absolutely no idea how to fix it.

The doctor told my husband, “Eat healthy, exercise, and take these medications” and handed us a pamphlet and left it at that. I felt woefully unprepared to adjust to our new reality, or what proper diabetes management looked like.

But, once I gathered up some courage, I became determined to figure it all out. I was going to get the best result possible for our situation - and nothing was going to stop me!

Then came my second big shock...  

When you try to learn how to manage diabetes, it’s incredibly confusing!

I felt like a small fish lost in an ocean of information.

Carb exchanges at every meal. A1C’s. Glucose devices.

Sifting through claims like ‘cinnamon helps’ and pitches for this or that herbal supplement.

Digging into low-carb, keto, fasting, plant-based, medditerranean... every diet.

Should we go for weight loss? Focus on exercise? Ask our doctor about this med, or that one? What’s realistically going to work for us?

The more I researched, the more confused I got!

I remember thinking, “Why was this so difficult for me? How does anyone figure out the best lifestyle option for themselves? What is actually possible for my husband’s health long-term?”

We eventually found a lifestyle that worked for us and achieved the goals that we set for my husband’s health.

But recently I was reflecting on the incredible struggle I went through, and thought...

There's Got To Be A Better Way!

What if, instead of trying to figure it all out myself, I took all my most burning questions to the experts, and had them just tell me the best ways to deal with this problem.

What if I asked them to show me how they were living well, so I could just model what they did for my family, and create a lifestyle to achieve the goals we wanted to achieve with the least guesswork possible and SAVE years of trial and error, effort, experimenting, learning and making mistakes that cost my husband future quality of life!

Would they answer?

So that's exactly what I did!

I Wanted To Know Each Of THEIR BEST Tips They Would Give Someone With T2D

So I went out and found 20 of the world’s top industry experts at living with diabetes and emailed them, asking to interview them to learn the best insights they’ve gained in their journeys living and/or serving people with Type 2 Diabetes...


I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer. 

What are your best tips for people living with diabetes?

Would you be willing to jump on a Zoom call to discuss?"

I didn't expect anyone to respond, BUT they did!

I couldn't believe it, 

As I did interview after interview, where each speaker was literally dropping gold, I realized I had to share this information with other people affected by diabetes in their lives. It was just gold dust. These killer shortcuts, tips, strategies were things that would have made a world of a difference in our quality of life back when I was trying to figure it all out - and even to this day I’ve learned things that have made me completely re-evaluate my approach to my husband’s diabetes.

Any Woman Who Struggles With High Blood Sugars And Has A Desire To Live Her Best Life With T2D… Needs The Tips And Strategies From These Experts

The information these long-time diabetes veterans and seasoned experts were sharing were not only for women just starting out on their T2D journey, but applied to caretakers of people with T2D, people who had lived with T2D for 10+ years, and people who wanted to do all in their power to resist the progression of their disease.

Then I had this CRAZY THOUGHT...

What if I shared all this information on a Summit and did this for FREE?

I would be able to help so many women (and by extension, families, husbands, and men) who have struggled with the day to day grind of diabetes, the emotional stresses and challenges, have had difficulty processing all information out there, and need a boost of inspiration and motivation along with tools they can use to immediately impact their life.

So I asked them if they would share their answers, their own experiences and wisdom, and deep expertise in all things blood sugars with everyone attending the Summit and guess what they said…


So want to know everything they shared? Want to know their top tips and strategies for living well with diabetes?

We’ve made each day’s interviews available for free for 24hrs for you, You don’t want to miss this!

Claim your free ticket now and find out!

Your Summit Host
Hi I'm Robin Withrow-Wong
I’m a dietitian that helps women with T2D manage blood sugars, resist the progression of their disease and even help them attempt remission depending on their goals.

My husband’s diagnosis threw me head-first into the deep end of nutrition education. I began devouring everything I could to understand his disease and strive for the best-possible outcome for his health future.

While it was a ton of work, we had great success achieving our goals for him, which fostered a lifelong passion for everything nutrition. It also ignited my passion for inspiring, educating, and serving people who struggled with the same disease as my husband.

As soon as my youngest daughter went off to college, I thought, “What now?” So, at age 56, I went back to university to become a Registered Dietitian - and yes, sometimes kids mistook me for the professor.

Four years of schooling, 1200 hours of hands-on internship experience, and a research project in Fiji later, and I finally got my certification!

Since then, my research has been published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, and I started Nutrition With Robin to continue what I set out to do…

Help women with T2D live healthy lives!

You got questions? We have answers.

How much does it cost?
Your online summit is FREE!! You'll have access to all the free interview recordings for 24hrs each day.
When are the Interviews available to watch?
We release each Day's recordings at 10am EDT for 24hrs so on June 29th at 10am EDT - Day 1 speaker interviews will be released for 24hrs, on June 30th at 10am EDT - Day 2 speaker interviews will be released for 24hrs and on the July 1st at 10am EDT - Day 3 speaker interviews will be released for 24hrs.
How long are the recordings available for?
Each Day's recordings are available for 24hrs only. We release each Day's recordings at 10am EDT for 24hrs ONLY so you have plenty of time to catch the interviews you want to watch before they are removed 24hrs later. 
Do I have to attend LIVE?
No, this is an online summit and all interviews are pre-recorded with our speakers. All interviews will be available for 24hrs once they have been released for you to watch.
How do I access the speaker interviews?
You will be sent an email link for a dedicated page with that Day's speaker interviews on, each day over the 3 day summit, click the link in your email and you will get immediate access and you can watch the speaker interviews from there.
I didn't get the email with the link on?
Please check your junk mail folder or type in your inbox search robin@nutritionwithrobinrdn.com or Women With T2D Summit and you should find the link, then don't forget to whitelist the address. Any issues, email support at support@nutritionwithrobinrdn.com
Where can I watch the Women With T2D Summit?
You can watch the Summit interviews from any internet-connected device including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media player and game consoles (providing you have a web browser).
Will I get a real ticket in the Mail?
No, this is a virtual online event and your ticket is a virtual online email ticket, there is no need to redeem it anywhere, you will receive email links to access your speaker interviews over the course of the 3 day summit.
Do you offer closed captions (toggle captions)?
Yes, closed captions are available on all of our speaker interviews throughout the summit, click on the ‘cc’ icon beside the play button to toggle them on and off.
What If I can't make one of the days?
You can upgrade your free ticket to the VIP-All access pass which will give you 24/7 access to ALL replays in our dedicated summit hub as well as our bonus audio downloads and all other added bonuses. 

What If I Miss One of the interviews?
You can upgrade your free ticket to the VIP-All access pass which will give you 24/7 access to ALL replays in our dedicated summit membership area as well as our bonus audio downloads and all other added bonuses.
Are replays available?
For our free standard ticket holders replays are not available, but if you have our VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS, you will find all recordings in the summit membership area.
Checkout the Summit Schedule
All interviews each day will go live at 10am Eastern Standard Time (New York City).
DAY 1 
June 29th
 Recordings are available for 24hrs
from 10am EDT
  • Dr. Susan Guzman
  • Max Szadek
  • Dan Turner
  • Ginger Vieira
  • Denise Pancyrz
  • Jose Tejero
  • Kelly Close
  • Jennifer Okemah
June 30th
 Recordings are available for 24hrs
from 10am EDT
  • Dr. Steven Edelman
  • Taylor Turner
  • T’ara Smith
  • Constance Brown-Riggs
  • Charlie O’Connell
  • Rachel Zinman
  • Hope Warshaw
DAY 3 
Recordings are available for 24hrs
from 10am EDT
  • Davis Knight
  • Cheryl Farley
  • Diana Licalzi
  • Timaree Hagenburger
  • Shelby Kinnaird
  • Robert Lewis
  • Dr. Beverly Yates
  • Robin Withrow-Wong
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